how i live well

I love to share with everyone how much certain brands have helped my success as a fitness professional as well as what I have found along the way on my personal journey. Please use the links below as well as the coupon codes to check out some awesome gear and services in the area. Feel free to email me with any questions - I hope you enjoy "living well" with me.


Blue Planet Eyewear

I love Blue Planet Eyewear because they are an eco-driven brand who makes awesome sun protective eyewear at a good price as well as gives back to those in need by donating eyeglasses with each sale. Use code Marissa20 to get 20% off your first purchase - protect your eyes!


Pure Raw Juice

I love Pure Raw Juice and am stoked to be their brand ambassador co-hosting fitness and yoga events; as well as juice cleanses around Baltimore City together. If you are looking to FUEL your healthy lifestyle check them out in Fed & Towson.


Inner Fire

I love Inner Fire gear because they have SPF in their clothes and they dry quickly. Perfect for hot yoga and SUP - you can buy from Amazon using my code MWYOGA15 to get 15% off or directly from their website linked below.


HEX Performance

I love HEX laundry detergent because it gets the stink out of sweaty clothes. As a fitness professional my clothes get mad sweaty and this stuff works. Use code marissa20 to get 20% off or click the link below - get rid of your stink with HEX!


doTERRA Essential Oils

I love using, selling and leading doTERRA essential oil 101 classes. If you want me to lead a doTERRA class for you, please email me; also check out their products in the link below to see what they offer. Smell good - feel good - live better.


Everyday NEEDS

I love being able to go on Amazon and pick out all of my essential items - I can buy bars in bulk, protein, healthy skin care and more. Check out my Amazon Affiliate Link coming soon!